Trees – “Saimaa Folk” from the woods and blue lakes of Southern Savonia

(PHOTO: Lauri Ainala) The Finnish folk band
(PHOTO: Lauri Ainala) The Finnish folk band "Trees" from Savonlinna is famous for its music style called "saimaa folk".

(Promotion)* The music of the Finnish folk band Trees, from Savonlinna, is inspired by classic folk rock of the sixties like The Byrds or Neil Young. But the four musicians give their songs their special own “Savonian touch” too. And because their music is also inspired by the blue lakes of the Saimaa region and the green forests of Southern Savonia, they call their music also “Saimaa Folk”. I talked to leadsinger and songwriter Santeri Vänttinen about their debut album “Trees” and their plans for the future.

Interview with Santeri Vänttinen from Trees

Trees live on Stage
(PHOTO: The Birds Project) Lead singer and songwriter Santeri Vänttinen (on the right) from Trees is talking about the bands history and the debut album “trees”.

Nice, to meet you! Tell me more about your band’s history and your music. How did everything start?

Santeri Vänttinen:
Well, the birth of the band was somewhat organic. I had written songs and was searching for an outlet to process them further. Then I met our drummer Jani who had been playing with Joose (guitars, backing vocals) in his first records in the early 2000’s. Jani also knew Teemu (bass). The friendship of Jani and me goging back many years.  

We quickly realized that the four of us were on to something, and after that there was no looking back. We have a good combination of players and I’ve felt almost blessed to have these guys with me giving life to the songs I’ve written. Arranging is loads of fun for us and all the members have abilities to take part in it.

How would you describe your music style and how do you get all the inspiration for your songs?

Santeri Vänttinen:
Someone somewhere coined the term “Saimaa Folk”, when describing our music, which I think we are now pretty keen on. We all are living by the lakes here in our hometown of Savonlinna and I think that this place has been essential to my songwriting. Tall pine trees, blue lakes and lush forests are just something that are in me.

I am now living just a kilometer away from my childhood home, though I have been living all around Finland in between. So there really is something in the soil of Savonia and especially our hometown of Savonlinna that without, there would be no Trees.

In our music you can find traces of americana and anglo-american folk and folk rock, but still I feel that there is an ingredient in there somewhere coming from Finnish folk songs and our nature. All members in our band are living lives in families with young children, so that is also a trait that has to show too. I have been pondering a lot about siblinghood, being a parent and naturally about the shape of our globe and challenges we are facing.


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(VIDEO: Santeri Vänttinen) “Forest” ist one of the songs of the debut album of the band Trees from Southern Savonia.

In December 2018 you released your debut album with the same title like your band’s name “Trees”. What is the title and the album about? Which kind of songs do we find on your debut album?

Santeri Vänttinen:
I don’t think we even considered naming the debut album anything else but Trees. There are hidden meanings behind the band name and the album title, that we wish not to bring forward too much, but as I said earlier the connection with the surrounding nature is something that we value greatly and we are a “tree-huggin” bunch. *smiling*

Songs on our debut album deal for example with memories of childhood (Forest), love and relationships (Lovers & Tomorrow Decides) and fears about the shape of our planet and how it’ll all end up (A New Day). The songs are in many occasions built around a sudden moment of wonder, realization or fear. I’ve been writing songs with bigger stories in them, but the ones that seem to stick out are these smaller and more ingrown things.

The sounds are peaceful and mellow, we like harmonies. All of the album is recorded live with only a few overdubs like string, pump organ and piano. That really gives it a similar feeling to our live shows.

Trees album cover
(PHOTO: Trees/Svard Records) The debut album trees has been released in December 2018.

One of your songs on your debut album is called “Out in the Open”. For this song you have already made a nice music video. Tell us a bit more about the storyline of the song and the video.

Santeri Vänttinen:
It is hard for me to say anything specific about the tune. I guess it’s just about the longing for something more simple and beautiful, to a mindset different from our daily lives.

Our good friend Lauri Ainala, who is known for his work in Paavoharju, directed the video. It was a beautiful summer day on a field filled with sunflowers. Also the location, where we shot the band playing was mesmerizing with the evening sun coming in from the lakeside. I feel, that Lauri captured the feeling of the song for the video magnificently.


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(VIDEO: Lauri Ainala) The video to the song “Out in the Open” has been shooting in the beautiful evening sun at the shores of lake Saimaa)

And what kind of songs do we find on your EP “Daydreams”, which came out in 2017?

Santeri Vänttinen:
The songs on Daydreams we recorded in two days, actually Joose wasn’t part of the band back then. Joose did the recording and mixing and was featured on some songs too.

I feel, that we took a big leap from the EP to the album, but there is something raw and incomplete that really serves the songs on the EP. Actually we brought one song (A New Day) to the album from the EP as well. We had been playing together for just six months before the EP and actually we had a different bass player back then too. Teemu and Joose joined the band soon after recording Daydreams.


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(VIDEO: Lauri Ainala) The song “A new Day” on the first EP can also be found in a new version on the debut album “trees”.

You have been on tour in Finland several times. Did you already get the chance to play some live gigs abroad? Which is the country, you would love to go on tour in the future?

Santeri Vänttinen:
We took part at Tallinn Music Week last March, that was our first international gig. So you could say we are just starting out with the gigs abroad. I’ve been to Germany loads of times and seen many gigs there. The live music culture is great in Germany!

We are planning to tour the Baltic countries and middle Europe more extensively, perhaps some time next year.

Are there any live gigs soon? And what are you plans for the next months?

Santeri Vänttinen:
We are doing gigs in the summertime in Finland, but in the early fall we are coming to NORDEN festival in Germany, the date is Sunday 15th of September. We are really looking forward to our first performance in Germany!

What was the oddest or most amazing place, you have ever had a live gig together?

Santeri Vänttinen:
There is this small and old villa that serves as a café on one of the many islands surrounding our hometown. We have played there many times, but it is just as fun always.

(PHOTO: Lauri Ainala) Santteri Vänttinen owns also a brewery for Finnish crafts beer together with his brother and cousin.

What’s your favorite place in the Savonian region?

Santeri Vänttinen:
I would say the lakes, especially the rocky lakesides. There’s this rocky bay just near my home where I go often, Mustalahti. It is such a special place for me.

Do you have some special travel tips for us? What should we absolutely see, when travelling to the Savonian area in Eastern Finland?

Santeri Vänttinen:
It’s nice to just wander the forests and parks and go for a swim in between. Savonlinna is the pearl of the region, obviously. There’s a lot going on in July in Savonlinna; opera festival in St. Olaf’s Castle, the market place. People are more outgoing during the summer months.

The Savonia reagion is a stunner in fall, winter and spring too. And even more peaceful and quiet. One good way to spend the time is sipping on some craft beer. Besides the band I brew beer at my brewery “Mustan virran Panimo”. I started in Savonlinna some years ago with my brother and cousin. We’re coming to the “Grüne Woche” in Berlin again next year!

Thank you guys for the inspiring interview. Looking forward to seeing you live on stage at Norden – the Norden Arts festival in Northern Germany.

Santeri Vänttinen:
Thank you! It’s going to be great to visit Germany for the first time with Trees.

About the Finnish folk band “Trees” from Eastern Finland

Trees Folk from Savonlinna
(PHOTO: Pauliina Hataja) The music of the Finnish folk band Trees is influened by the beautiful nature of Southern Savonia.

The four guys from the Finnish folk band “Trees”, Santeri Vänttinen (singer/songwriter), Joose Keskitalo (guitar, backing vocals), Teemu Muikku (bass) and Jani Lamberg (drums) come from Savonlinna, a region in Eastern Finland. Their music style can be described as Finnish folk with influences of US folk rock of the 60s like The Byrds, Neil Young or Simon and Garfunkel. But the four musicians still give their music their really special own Finnish touch. And because their music is also inspired by the untouched nature and landscapes of the Savonian region, they call their music style also Saimaa Folk.

In 2016 the band released their first music sampler, an EP with the title “Daydreams”. Two years later in December 2018 their debut album “Trees” was published with several melodical and rocking songs like “Out in the open”, “Scarlet letters” or “Indian summer”.

More about the band you will find on Facebook and on Instagram .


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(VIDEO: Lauri Ainala) Indian Summer is one of the songs of the debut album of the Finnish folk band Trees

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3 Kommentare zu “Trees – “Saimaa Folk” from the woods and blue lakes of Southern Savonia

  1. Natalie Kruijen sagte:

    1. Saimaa folk, peaceful and mellow music.

    2. Indian Summer. I like the lyrics. Especially: It’s pouring outside, and the wind is making speaches. It’s been this way, all summer long.
    Describes my summer here but it still has that warm peaceful vibe that makes you enjoy it and appreciate the weather and nature just as it is.

  2. Manuela sagte:

    The band describes their music style as “peaceful and mellow”, and I can totally agree.

    I think I like “Out In The Open” most because of its “spirit”. In addition to the video which brings you “hippie vibes”, the song itself makes you want to leave (with a flowery Volkswagen van) and just see where the road will lead you to.

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