Dark Ride Brothers – A debut album and a German concert tour in summer 2019

(Photo: Dark Ride Brothers) The Finnish-German pop-rock band Dark Ride Brothers has released their first album and in June 2019 they will be touring in Germany again.
(Photo: Dark Ride Brothers) The Finnish-German pop-rock band Dark Ride Brothers has released their first album and in June 2019 they will be touring in Germany again.

(Promotion)* The Finnish pop-rock band “Dark Ride Brothers” from Imatra in Southeastern Finland has already inspired their German audience in 2017 on their first Germany tour with several amazing live gigs, for instance at Kaiserkeller Hamburg or at Altstadtfest Salzgitter. In June 2019, the band will be touring in Germany again. I talked to Sven Langbein and Vesa Winberg about their debut album “Join the Ride”, their new single “Safe and Sound” and the upcoming concert tour.

Dark Ride Brothers Reloaded – Interview with Sven Langbein and Vesa Winberg

Moi ja hei guys, nice to talk to you again. It’s totally crazy that our interview in August 2017 in Hamburg has almost been two years ago! I’ve heard that you have some pretty cool news! Just tell us about it!

Thank you for asking, it’s truly amazing that it’s been two years since we met. We’ve been working hard on every level and now it’s time to step out of the cave and show you and our fans, what we’ve been up to! New songs, a new album, new brothers and a new look! We are totally happy that in the meantime Henri Varis, Sami Parkkinen and Niko Kujoi, three  musically talented new Brothers, have joined our band.

In March, you have just released your new single “Safe And Sound”. What is the song about and how would you describe it?

Safe And Sound is about missing your long-lost dear ones, but it also tells you to hang on to this very moment. The sound of the song is a bit folkish and it has several acoustic elements too. And we have noticed, that the song works absolutely great at our live gigs!


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Video laden

(VIDEO: Dark Ride Brothers) The new Dark Ride Brothers song “Safe and Sound” is a vivid-rocking song with an amazing music video, which has been created by using  many lovely pictures of the fan’s pets.

How did you come up with this crazy idea of collecting pet photos in order to create a music video for the song?

The idea for the video was born after the last vocals session on our way back home from the studio, in the middle of the dark Vaalimaa road. I was talking to Vesa about the basic message of the song. And suddenly we realized, that our beloved pets are part of our memories too! Then we came up with the idea of asking the Dark Ride Family to send us pictures for a music video. The engagement of our followers was deeply moving, and the almost 300 pictures have totally floored us! It’s an honour for us to have all these stories as a part of our music video.

What kind of songs besides “Safe And Sound” we will find on your just released debut album “Join the Ride”?

Cocver of the DRB debut album Join the Ride
(COVER DESIGN: Nestori Lönngrén/Nestography) The cover of the debut album “Join the Ride”.

“Join The Ride” is going to be like our Dark Ride Family: different personalities, warm hearts and wonderful people with a smile on their faces, but also sad stories every now and then. You will find three different editions of our “Join the Ride”-album in our web-shop: the basic CD and a silver and gold box edition. Just check out our website to get some further information.

And how did you select all the songs for the debut album?

It was pretty easy: we’ve been recording these ten tracks over a couple of years and suddenly we noticed that we have an album with ten pretty good songs in our hands! So for us, it was the perfect time for an album release! *smiles*

Which song of your debut album will come out next as a single?

Most likely our next single and video release will be a raunchy rock song titled “Supernatural”.

You will come to Germany for a new concert tour in early summer 2019! Where can we see you live on stage?

Dark Ride Brothers 2018
(PHOTO: Nestori Lönngrén/Nestography) The Dark Ride Brothers-Reloaded Tour 2019 in Germany will start on 20th June in Berlin.

We will be playing concerts in several bigger and smaller cities for instance in Berlin and Hamburg. Some are large-scale rock shows, and some will be unplugged concerts. Some of our gigs are traditional concerts with support acts, such as our gig at Maria’s Ballroom on 21 June. The easiest way to get information on ticket sales is to check out the venue’s website. Others are festival gigs such as the concert at Altstadtfest Salzgitter on 29 June, which means, there is no entry fee. All live gigs can be found on our website and we will be adding a few more soon.

One amazing gig of your upcoming German concert tour will be a live gig at the western city “Pullman City Harz” in Hasselfelde on 24 June 2019! What a cool location! Just made for modern countryrock like yours! What does it mean for you to perform at such a great location?

Yeah! Pullman City Harz is a great location and we’re so excited to finally play a gig in a real saloon! Although we plan the setlist for every concert according to the venue and occasion, we always interact with the people and react to the audience during the gig, so we never really know what will happen and that makes every show a special experience for both us and our fans.

Your band will also have a live gig in Sven’s old hometown Uelzen. How does it feel for you Sven, to play in front of family, old friends and people of your home city?

It’s amazing to play in my hometown, although I don’t even know yet where we will be playing as it’s a Monday, but we will. And another thing that I’m looking forward to is to spend a little time there and show Uelzen to the other Dark Ride Brothers. It’s a beautiful city and they already fell in love with the place the last time we went there for a couple of hours. This time we will have two days to explore the town!

Do you already have some other plans for 2019?

Ready for the show
(PHOTO: Dark Ride Brothers) Step by step: After the Germany tour and some other live gigs in summer, the band will start to work on new songs for their next album.

We have a nice bunch of gigs coming up in Finland and in Italy. And we will also be recording new music in October.

…and maybe we will play in another country we’ve never been to so far, but nobody else knows that we’re going there yet, because I only got the idea yesterday! Hah! Stay Tuned!

Thanks for the nice interview. It was great to talk to you again. And of course I am looking forward to seeing you live on stage at Pullman City Harz!

Thank you Inken for your great support. It will be a pleasure to meet you in Hasselfelde!

About the Finnish-German pop-rock band Dark Ride Brothers

Dark Ride Brothers
(PHOTO: Dark Ride Brothers) The guys signing the certificates for the gold edition boxes of their debut album “Join the Ride”.

“Dark Ride Brothers” is a pop-rock band from Imatra, southeastern Finland. The band was founded by the German emigrant Sven Langbein, who comes originally from Uelzen, and the Finnish metal guitarist and songwriter Vesa Winberg. Other band members are Joni Takalo (percussion, drums), Sami Parkkinen (violin, fiddle), Henri Varis (bass) and Niko Kudjoi (guitar). The band has already played at various stages in Finland and Germany, e.g. in small bars and clubs like Alppimaja or Kaiserkeller Hamburg, as well as at big festivals, like the Finnish LappeeFest and at some really unusual places like in driving buses or saunas.


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Video laden

(VIDEO: Dark Ride Brothers) Unusual jam session: the band is performing „That Smell“ by Lynyrd Skynyrd  in a driving bus.

The band describes their music style as a “powerful pop-rock firework with an extra portion of vivid country elements”. With this special “Dark Ride sound”, the band has already built up a big fan base of country and rock music lovers in Finland and Germany, who like to join their concerts and their “Dark Ride” to the Wild West of Eastern Finland. Also country legend Johnny Cash would have certainly enjoyed this special kind of country music style.

In March 2019, the band has published their new single “Safe And Sound”. On 19th April 2019 the Finland-Cowboys have also released their debut album “Join the Ride”, which can be ordered as a basic, silver or gold edition in the CD-Shop on the band’s website.

Moreover, the Dark Ride Brothers will start touring in Germany again in June 2019. Highlights will be a live gig on 24th June 2019 at “Pullman City Harz”, one of the most famous German western cities and an open-air concert at Altstadtfest Salzgitter on 29th June.

More informationen about the band, their music and all tour dates, will be found on their website as well as on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Dark Ride Brothers at Alppimaja
(PHOTO: Ninja Isola) The Finnish-German pop-rock band Dark Ride Brothers knows  how to get their audience going.

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Dark Ride Brothers - Photo Shooting for new Promophotos
(Photo: Dark Ride Brothers) Good luck for the lottery and many greetings from Sven and the whole band!

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Debutalbum Dark Ride Brothers "Join the Ride"
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  1. Kora sagte:

    1. Ich liebe frische, ehrliche und handgemachte Musik! Vor allem die vielen verschiedenen Genres, die dabei bedient werden (von Rock und Pop bis hin zu Folk, Country und Punk), sind unheimlich spannend.
    2. Gerne dürfen sie nach Thüringen kommen 😉

  2. Andrea Braun sagte:

    Antwort zu Frage 1: Ich liebe den besonderen Mix aus Rock, Pop und Country.

    Antwort zu Frage 2: Sie sollten mehr Konzerte in meiner Nähe geben.

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