Gesucht wird: Der „Finntastische“ Weihnachtssong aus Finnland 2019“

(Werbung)* Moikka liebe Finnlandfreunde und Nordlichter da draußen! Nicht nur in Finnland, sondern auch bei uns in Deutschland wird es so langsam winterlich kalt. Und in weniger als vier Wochen ist bereits schon wieder Weihnachten! Auch der kleine Elch Janne-Oskari freut sich schon so richtig auf Weihnachten und natürlich auf viel Schnee! Gerne mag er auch die funkelnden Weihnachtslichter, die jetzt in der Vorweihnachtszeit Fenster und Bäume schmücken. Doch besonders freut er sich schon darauf, an Weihnachten alle seine Elchfreunde und seine Elch-Familie zu sehen! Eine langjährige Tradition ist es bei den Elchen, gemeinsam Weihnachtslieder aus Finnland zu singen. In diesem Jahr wollen die Elche ein paar neue elchstarke Weihnachtssongs aus Finnland kennenlernen.  Weiterlesen  

Finnish Vintage Tango von Uusikuu: Nur echt mit dem rosa Flamingo

(Werbung)* Wer Uusikuu kennt, der weiß hier trifft finnische Melancholie und Tango in Moll der 1930er- bis 1960er-Jahre auf modernen Foxtrott, jazzige Elemente sowie fetzigen Swing. Laura Ryhänen und ihre Finntangoband „Uusikuu“ sorgen stets mit einem bunten Klangmix aus Geige, Gitarre, Akkordeon, Kontrabass und Gesang für gute Unterhaltung und behalten dabei immer ihren „Finnish Vintage Tango“ im Blick! Am 18. Oktober 2019 ist ihr neues Album „Flamingo“ bei Nordic Notes mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Deutsch-Finnischen Gesellschaft erschienen. Extra für euch habe ich reingehört und kann nur sagen, das Album hält was es verspricht! Weiterlesen  

Heavy Breathers – Desert rock from the Finnish tundra with a cold breath from the north

(Promotion)* If you like music from Finland, then you have in late October the chance to see the Psychedelic Rock band “Heavy Breathers” from Finland live on stage in Germany. The guys who all have just played in other famous Finnish rock and metal bands have released their first EP, called “Sweet Dreams” on October 11th, 2019. And with this rocking music, they will come in late October on a minitour to Germany with gigs in Cologne, Karlsruhe, Würzburg und Sebnitz. I talked to singer, guitarist and songwriter Jukka Taskinen about their music and the upcoming Germany tour. Weiterlesen  

The story behind Finland Blog Finntastic: Everything started with a teen crush on Ville Valo and Love Metal from Finland

(Brand naming) Amazing, time moved so quickly!…Even though it feels, like it was yesterday…But to tell you the truth, there have been more than ten years now, between today and this special day, when I discovered my Finnish soul! But if the Finland virus just hits you, this beautiful land, with its dark green forests, turquoise blue lakes and relaxed people wouldn’t let you go anymore! In this blog article I will tell you, how I discovered my passion for Finland, the Finnish language and culture and how I came up with the idea of starting this blog. Actually, everything started with the Finnish metal band HIM and a side project of HIM frontman Ville Valo with the Finnish rock band Agents… Weiterlesen  

Trees – “Saimaa Folk” from the woods and blue lakes of Southern Savonia

(Promotion)* The music of the Finnish folk band Trees, from Savonlinna, is inspired by classic folk rock of the sixties like The Byrds or Neil Young. But the four musicians give their songs their special own “Savonian touch” too. And because their music is also inspired by the blue lakes of the Saimaa region and the green forests of Southern Savonia, they call their music also “Saimaa Folk”. I talked to leadsinger and songwriter Santeri Vänttinen about their debut album “Trees” and their plans for the future. Weiterlesen  

Tuomo Puntila’s PILGRIMAGE – A rocking debut album with five inspiring songs

Tuomo Puntila is a rising musician from Tampere. In May 2019 he released his first EP under the title PILGRIMAGE with an amazing intro and five inspiring self-written and produced songs called Secrets, Ghosts, Funerals, Themes and Sleepless. I talked to Tuomo in order to get to know more about his music and inspiration for the songs and why music is playing such an important role in his life. Weiterlesen  

Norden – the nordic arts festival: DAS nordische Kulturevent an der Schlei

(Werbung)* Der Sommer ist da und damit ist offiziell die Festivalsaison eröffnet! Tatsächlich gibt es nicht nur in Finnland den ganzen Sommer über zahlreiche Musik- und Kulturfestivals, auch in Schleswig, auf den Königswiesen, am Ufer der Schlei, findet in diesem Jahr wieder ein nordisches Kulturfestival der besonderen Art statt: Das Norden – the nordic arts festival! Weiterlesen  

Dark Ride Brothers – A debut album and a German concert tour in summer 2019

(Promotion)* The Finnish pop-rock band “Dark Ride Brothers” from Imatra in Southeastern Finland has already inspired their German audience in 2017 on their first Germany tour with several amazing live gigs, for instance at Kaiserkeller Hamburg or at Altstadtfest Salzgitter. In June 2019, the band will be touring in Germany again. I talked to Sven Langbein and Vesa Winberg about their debut album “Join the Ride”, their new single “Safe and Sound” and the upcoming concert tour. Weiterlesen  

NEØV – Dreamy indie pop-rock meets Finnish melancholy

(Promotion)* NEØV is a rising Finnish indie pop-rock band from Juankoski. Inspiration for their music are Eastern Finland’s green forests and deep blue lakes and the magic of Finnish nature. Most of their songs are about love in all its shades. Their music style can be described as a combination of dreamy and melancholic melodies. Moreover, their music is a modern combination of art rock and alternative pop, mostly from the UK and the USA and music elements of Scandinavian rock, experimental and ambient music from all over the world. I talked to band member Anssi Neuvonen about their new studio album „Volant“ and their concert tour across Germany. Weiterlesen  

Alex ja Armottomat from Helsinki – Finnish music with the special dark “twist”

Have you already heard about the Finnish band “Alex ja Armottomat” from Helsinki? If not, you should check out their music on Spotify! Most of their songs deal with love and other pretty dark topics like obsession or murder and have their typical „Alex ja Armottomat twist“ in the lyrics. I talked to the band members Alex Nylund and Moritz Cartheuser in order to get to know more about the band, their music style and their upcoming plans for 2019. Weiterlesen  

Johanna Juhola – Colourful accordion melodies from Finland

(Promotion)* If someone thinks, tango music is more old-fashioned, he will quickly change his mind, if he will hear Johana Juhola live on stage. The amazing Finnish accordionist knows exactly how to create amazing sounds and melodies with her accordion, alone and together with other talented musicians by mixing different music styles like tango, Folk, pop music and electronic beats. In February 2017, she released her sixth album „Diivan Jäljet – Shadow of a Diva“. With these colourful songs Johanna is now in March an April 2019 on tour in Germany. In Summer she will come to Austria too. I spoke to her to get to know more about her music, her inspiration for the new album and about her other music projects. Weiterlesen  

Amira – A talented musician and blogger from Turku

Amira Mountassir is a young and talented Finnish musician from Finland. She has played already many private and public live gigs in the Turku region. Since she was a child, Amira is addicted to music. With the age of eleven, she started playing the piano. Singing and playing the guitar she learned from her mother, Yvonne Gräsbeck, who was a famous full-time musician . Moreover, on her blog “La Dolce Musica” Amira is blogging about music and travelling. Why she can not live without music and why she started to write about music on her blog, she told me in an inspiring interview. Weiterlesen