NEØV – Dreamy indie pop-rock meets Finnish melancholy

(FOTO: Clouds Hill/NEØV) The indie pop-rock band NEØV from Eastern Finland is touring in Germany with their new studio album
(FOTO: Clouds Hill/NEØV) The indie pop-rock band NEØV from Eastern Finland is touring in Germany with their new studio album "Volant".

(Promotion)* NEØV is a rising Finnish indie pop-rock band from Juankoski. Inspiration for their music are Eastern Finland’s green forests and deep blue lakes and the magic of Finnish nature. Most of their songs are about love in all its shades. Their music style can be described as a combination of dreamy and melancholic melodies. Moreover, their music is a modern combination of art rock and alternative pop, mostly from the UK and the USA and music elements of Scandinavian rock, experimental and ambient music from all over the world. I talked to band member Anssi Neuvonen about their new studio album “Volant” and their concert tour across Germany.


Interview with Anssi Neuvonen from NEØV about their new album “Volant” and the Germany tour 2019

Moi Anssi, so nice that you have time for an interview on my Finland blog. You are touring in Germany at the moment, but you aren’t in Germany for the first time. You have already excited the German audience last year at Hamburg Reeperbahn Festival. What do you like about Germany and how would you describe the German audience in comparison to the Finnish one?

Hei Inken, thanks for presenting our band and music on your Finland blog! Yeah, we have already visited Germany several times for festivals and showcase shows, but this is our first proper tour in Germany. I like the diversity of Germany – there are big differences between its regions. And as Germany is located in the heart of Europe, it’s a mixture of many cultural layers from every direction – that’s inspiring.

It’s been rewarding to play in front of the German audience. I feel that in Germany the people are more responsive compared to Finland. But it’s not a question of which audience is better – people just act differently in Central Europe compared to up north.

In the media you are often seen as the “Finnish answer” to the British indie-pop rock band “The XX”. What do you think about that and how would you describe your music style?

Sure, it’s nice to be compared to The XX. And that’s because I like their sound and we have drawn some inspiration from it. But I guess anyone, who listens to our whole album, would agree that it’s over-simplifying to label us as “the Finnish XX” – our influences are diverse, and they are coming from multiple styles.

I would describe our music style as indie pop and rock with a floating feeling. We believe in “traditional” songwriting, where melodies are important. Our sound is also inspired by experimental and ambient music which adds depth to our music.

That sounds inspiring! Tell me more about your band. Samuli and you are brothers. Since when are you playing music together? And when did your bass guitar player Ari Autio join the band?

Yes, Samuli and I are brothers and we have played together since our childhood. Our parents had records from Bowie to Moody Blues, from Irish folk music to classical, and there were also musical instruments in the house where we grew up. But I guess, we got interested in music because we weren’t pushed into it. Music was just one interesting thing among others.

We joined forces with Ari about ten years ago. We’ve continued playing together because we enjoy it so much and we understand each other musically. But that’s just one side of the coin: the more the things around the band are evolving, the more we have to face some non-musical activities, that we have to go through together and learn about each other – and that’s not always easy. But I’m not complaining!

(FOTO: Clouds Hill/NEØV) The band members of NEØV:  Samuli Neuvonen, Anssi Neuvonen and Ari Autio (from right to left)


Volant is your third studio album after “Orange Morning” (2013) and “Dominique” (2015), which are both produced by a Finnish music label. What’s the reason that you decided to release your new album this time in cooperation with the Hamburg music label Clouds Hill?

After “Dominique”, we were looking for an international label and got offers from several parts of Europe. Things synced with Clouds Hill right away, and it felt right to turn a new page with them. I think that Clouds Hill is all about music – and that is a rare thing these days.

What does the title “Volant” of your new studio album mean and what awaits the audience?

“Volant” means capable of flying. The album deals with themes of flying and passage of time. Everything flies in time. And our album is made with passion and love. I hope that people can grasp some of it while listening to the album.

I really liked your song “Lost in Time” from your new album. What is the song about?

“Lost in Time” deals with feelings of being stuck in time. Time has a lot of power, we can’t touch or see it, but we can feel it.


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(VIDEO: NEØV/Clouds Hill) The song “Lost in Time” of the new studio album “Volant”.

And what’s the story behind the song “Person I Used To be”?

In “Person I Used To Be”, someone travels from dusk to daylight and then back to dusk again. That’s just like being human and having conversations with persons we used to be, are going to be – and maybe wished to be but can’t.


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(VIDEO: NEØV/Clouds Hill) Music video of the song “Person I Used To Be”

Do you have any other plans for 2019?

There are some exciting things coming up, and we’re announcing them later. Right after our Germany tour, we will have some gigs in Finland and some summer shows are coming up too.

Thank you very much for the exciting interview. One last question: How was your opening gig at Göttingen Nörgelbuff. I studied in Göttingen, that’s why I really know the location very well.

We had a good time in Göttingen and at Nörgelbuff! We hope that we’ll have a chance to visit the city again in the future. Thank you for the interview.

About NEØV and the third studio album “Volant”

(FOTO: Clouds Hill/NEØV) The guys from NEØV get inspired for their music by spending time on a lake and in the forests of Eastern Finland.

NEØV is an indie pop-rock band from Juankoski, Eastern Finland, consisting of the two brothers Anssi Neuvonen (vocals, guitar, songwriting, producing) and Samuli Neuvonen (drums) and the bass guitar player Ari Autio. The band has already released two studio albums called “Orange Morning” (2013) and “Dominique” (2015). Their music style can be described as tuneful, dreamy and sometimes a bit melancholic and combines melodic guitar vibes with hypnotic loops and beats as well as emotional piano melodies. Most of their songs deal with love in all kinds.

In 2018, NEØV already performed at the Tallinn Music Week in Estonia and at the Hamburg Reeperbahn Festival. Their Germany tour 2019 has just started with the opening concert at Göttingen Nörgelbuff on the 22th of March 2019. All tour dates are listed below.

More information about NEØV and their music you will find here and on Youtube.

Germany tour of NEØV 2019

NEØV at Göttingen Nörgelbuff
(FOTO: NEØV) NEØV enjoyed their opening concert at Göttingen Nörgelbuff.
  • 22.03. – Noergelbuff, Göttingen
  • 24.03. – Ampere, Munich
  • 25.03. – Monarch, Berlin
  • 26.03. – E-Werk, Erlangen
  • 27.03. – Cassette, Düsseldorf
  • 28.03. – Indienight, FZW, Dortmund
  • 29.03. –  Bedroom Disco, Darmstadt
  • 30.03. –  Cafe Galao, Stuttgart
  • 03.04. – VagaBunt, Zwickau
  • 04.04. – Uebel & Gefährlich, Hamburg

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    “Volant” means capable of flying. The album is about “flying and passage of time”.

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