A Finnish confiture made of wild roses – Delicacies from Finnish Plant in Vampula

(Promotion)* Have you ever tasted a confiture made of wild roses? Tuuli and Matti Kotaja are cultivating them on their farm in Vampula, in Western Finland. But what makes their wild rose jam so special? I talked to Tuuli and Matti at the International Green Week in Berlin in order to get to know more about the secret of their extraordinary Rose Petal Confiture. Weiterlesen  

How did you become addicted to Finland? Tell us your Finland story and win “Finntastic” prizes!

(Promotion)* In my latest blog post I just told you about my Finland passion and how I discovered my Finnish soul! But what about you?  Do you have to tell an amazing Finland story too? Then take part at the „Finntastic Finland Story“ prize draw and win lovely Finland prizes. All information about the competition you will find in this blog post! We are really curious about your Finland adventures and stories! Weiterlesen