A Finnish confiture made of wild roses – Delicacies from Finnish Plant in Vampula

(PHOTO: Finntastic) I met Tuuli and Matti Kotaja at the International Green Week.
(PHOTO: Finntastic) I met Tuuli and Matti Kotaja at the International Green Week.

(Promotion)* Have you ever tasted a confiture made of wild roses? Tuuli and Matti Kotaja are cultivating them on their farm in Vampula, in Western Finland. But what makes their wild rose jam so special? I talked to Tuuli and Matti at the International Green Week in Berlin in order to get to know more about the secret of their extraordinary Rose Petal Confiture.

Moi Tuuli ja Matti, on tosi kiva tavataa teidät Berliinin Vihreä Vikolla. Teidän Ruusun Terälehtihillonne (Rose Petal Confiture) on herkullista! (It’s nice to meet you in Berlin at the International Green Week. Your jam made by wild roses tastes wonderful!)

How would you describe its taste and with which food should we try it?

Our Rose Petal Confiture has a fresh, floral and unique taste with a hint of bitter and can be combined well with numerous foods and drinks, for instance cheese, vegetables, duck, fish and venison, a glass of sparkling wine or dry Gewürztraminer for special occasions or with desserts. The noble aftertaste is long lasting.

How did you came up with the idea of producing your Rose Petal Confiture? How did you get all the knowledge about the plant and the cultivation?

Matti has always loved roses and he thought, it would be nice to start growing them professionally. He grew up on the farm and had been a farmer since he was a young man. Initially, the idea was to start producing rose oil, but it was my idea to create a jam made with rose petals.

Getting the expertise to grow roses and create the jam was a long process. First Matti and I had a test area for several years. But then in 2012 we had enough confidence to start growing roses (Rosa Rugosa Hybrid) professionally.

Creating the recipe for the rose jam also took several years of trial and error. It was particularly challenging to get the texture of the jam right, combined with the flavour to bring out the right aroma of the arctic rose.

(PHOTO: Janni Heikkilä) The Rose Petal Confiture is made of leaves from th arctic rose “Rosa Rugosa”.

What is so special about the arctic rose “Rosa Rugosa”?

The wild arctic rose “Rosa Rugosa” is well adapted to the Nordic climate. It grows wild in Siberia and is very resilient. However, the rose farmed at our farm is a hybrid, a multiplied version of the wild rose. The colour is vibrant and it is packed with antocyans.

Just tell us a bit more about your Kotaja Farm in Vampula. Where in Finland is it located and how big is the plantation?

The farm is located in Vampula, in Western Finland, about 75 kilometres away from Turku and 80 kilometres away from Pori.

Matti’s grandfather built the farm house in 1917 and since then the family has been farming here. Currently, the cultivated area consists of 37 hectares, of which six hectares are planted with roses. This is equivalent to 24.000 plants.

Kotaja farm in Vampula
(PHOTO: Janni Heikkilä) Tuuli and Matti Kotaja’s farm is situated in Vampula, in Western Finland.

Which products do you also produce on your farm?

The farm produces also organic wheat and clover. The development work for roses is ongoing and hopefully in the future the rose products will be based on own breed of roses, named “Rosa Kotaja”. The roses grown in the test area have shown promising quality: they are high in antocyans and are well adapted to the Finnish climate and growth period.

How is the Rose Petal Confiture produced. How many rose leaves are needed for one jar of preserve?

The rose petals are gently picked by hand and only the best flowers are selected. They are freezer dried and cooked in a delicate process. The harvest season starts in June and continues all the way until September. For one jar of rose petal jam you need five flowers, which is equivalent to 100 petals.

rose plantation of Kotaja farm
(PHOTO: Janni Heikkilä) The wild rose for the Rose Petal Confiture is raised on a huge plantation on Tuuli and Matti Kotaja’s farm.

And to which countries apart from Germany do you sell your confiture? And where can we get the Rose Petal Confiture in Germany?

Our products are sold in in Finland, but also in the whole world, like Japan, the United Kingdom, Spain, France and Italy. In Germany Finnish Plant rose petal jam is available at selected Galeria Kaufhof stores and Citti hyper markets as well as online at bosfood.de, lieferello.de and littlefinland.de.

I have read on your website too, that your family business has been also famous for a long time for the production of Finnish percussion congas, used by the best drummers in the world. This is totally different from farming. How is this connected with your family history?

As a young man Matti used to play the piano and dreamt of becoming a professional musician. He also liked to play the drums. “When you are young, you’re doing things”, Matti once have said, so he decided to try and make his own congas with the assistance from a top musician he knew from the famous Finnish UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra.

It turned out quite well, you could say, and soon the drums were much sought-after by music celebrities around the world, like New York Salsa Machito Orchestra and Cuban Irakere Orchestra. The story unfortunately came to an end after a failed attempt to make it big in America.

When the rose business started Matti wanted to keep using the old logo consisting of two letters: FP. Initially the letters stood for Finnish Percussion but now they stand for Finnish Plant.

Matti Kotaja's congas
(PHOTO: Vahid Mortezaei) In former times, Matti Kotaja’s congas where famous by musicians all over the world. Today the rose petal jam took its place.

Do you have some travel tips for the Vampula region? And is it actually possible to visit your farm too?

Unfortunately, our family does not have the resources at the moment to accommodate guests. Filling the rose baskets is a fulltime job for us. But let’s see, what the future brings.

Vampula belongs to the town Huittinen, which is located in the region Satakunta. This area is well known as “vilja-aitta” or bread basket of Finland, because the area is famous for agriculture.

The time travel portal in Satakunta, unfortunately only available in Finnish, gives more information, but also the local history museum in Vampula provides further information about the history of the area.

Moreover, a sculpture in shape of an elk head found in Vampula is the oldest known artifact depicting an animal head in Finland. That’s why the Elk head is also the symbol of the museum and the town of Huittinen.

wild rose plantation of Finnish Plant
(PHOTO: Janni Heikkilä) The region around the rose field plantation in Vampula offers several interesting places to visit.

This sounds really interesting. I think next time, when I come to Finland, I have to visit the Satakunta region.

Thanks to you also for the lovely interview. Let us know, when you will be in our area. It would be lovely to invite you to our farm.

Matti and Tuuli’s favourite recipe for a refreshing summer soup with rose petal jam:

Finnish Plant - International Green Week 2019
(PHOTO: Business Finland) Also Santa Claus likes the Rose Petal Confiture of Tuuli and Matti Kotaja from Finnish Plant.

Ingredients: (This is what you need for preparing the soup):

  • 600 g* frozen peas
  • 1 onion
  • 3 tbs oil
  • 2 garlic gloves
  • 2 tsp* grated ginger
  • 1 tsp* cinnamon
  • 1 vegetable stock
  • 3 dl /300 ml water
  • 3 tsp* rose petal jam
  • 400 g coconut milk
  • 1 tbsp* lemon juice
  • 2 tsp* balsamic vinegar
  • salt and pepper

*tsp/teaspoon, tbsp/tablespoon, dl/decilitre, g/gramme,

Cooking instruction for the summer soup:

Fry the chopped onion, garlic, ginger and cinnamon in oil in a kettle. Add the melted peas and mix everything to allow flavours to settle.

Stir the vegetable stock together with hot water and add it to the mixture. Allow the soup to boil for four minutes, then add the rose petal jam and the coconut milk.

Mix everything with a hand blender, but leave the peas a bit rough. Put everything back on the stove for a moment and add the lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper to your taste.

Serve it with creme fraiche, rose petal jam, chives and roasted seeds.

Rose Petal Confiture Prize Draw

Rose Petal Confiture and Kotaja Congas
(PHOTO: (PHOTO: Vahid Mortezaei) In former times, Matti Kotaja’s congas where famous by musicians all over the world. Today the rose petal jam took its place.) Today, the initials of the company name “FP” stand for Finnish Plant, in former times it meant “Finnish Percussion”.

If you are interested in Finnish Plant’s unique Rose Petal Confiture, you now have the chance to win one of five Rose Petal jam jars! Take part until November 20th 2019!

How to win:
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1.    With which food would you combine the Rose Petal Confiture?

2.    Which product of Rosa Rugosa would you also like to buy?

We wish you all good luck for the prize draw!

Finntastic Greetings

Inken, the Finntastic elks and Tuuli and Matti Kotaja from Finnish Plant

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  1. Sinikka sagte:

    Thanks to Matti and Tuuli for this great confiture! It tastes like it smells. Now I found very special Christmas-gifts! Absolutely delicious.

  2. Karen sagte:

    I would love to combine the Rose Petal Confiture with cheese or vegetables or as a desert with yogurt. But most of all I would love to share it with my loved ones 🙂

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    I would like to offer Rose Petal confiture with different types of cheese, for example on a cheese plate after a Christmas Dinner.
    I would also like to buy freezer dried rose petals.

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    I’m looking forward to taste my pumpkin soup with your Rose Petal confiture
    I am also curious about your clover products.

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    I would like to combine it with a desert, for example yogurt and/or with a glass of sparkling wine! That spounds good! 🙂
    And it would be great to buy (finnish) icecream with Rose Rugosa!

  6. S.P. Lehmann sagte:

    I would love to combine the rose petal confiture with cheese or veggies, also chicken may be nice to try.
    I’d totally love to buy one of your self bred roses “Rosa Kotaja” as I have many roses, wild or old sorts in my own garden for bees or other insects as they are the most georgeous roses ever. Easily to maintain and always a pleasure to look at, and their smell….hm. 😉 – so I do have to come and visit, I think

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