NORD-T – Natural teas from the heart of Finland

(FOTO: John Lawson) The two friends Nina Rantala and Mirka Olin focused on producing Nordic teas from
(FOTO: John Lawson) The two friends Nina Rantala and Mirka Olin focused on producing Nordic teas from "mother nature" without artificial ingredients.

NORD-T is a start-up company from Helsinki, offering a varied range of natural teas with flavours from the nature of Finland. Everything starts when tea-addicted Mirka Olin meets her good friend from childhood Nina Rantala at a friend’s breakfast in 2014. The two girls noticed that a really good cup of coffee costs almost the same as a cup of tea with lower quality. Moreover, many teas from tea brands all over the world contain industrial flavourings, artificial aromas and unhealthy additives. That was the reason the two girls thought, that it was time to say “no” to the global trend of using added flavourings, time for a “tea revolution” in general!

(Hineweis vom 01.01.2020: Nina Rantala and Mirka Olin have closed their Nord-T business with the beginning of 2020 to devote themselves to new professional challenges.)

And so, they founded their own Nordic tea company NORD-T in order to create Nordic tea products with natural tastes and good quality coming straight from Finnish “mother nature”, like berries, birch leaves, herbs and flowers. Today the company has grown and the company production moved from Helsinki to Parkano, a city located 260 kilometres North-West from Helsinki. I talked to Nina Rantala from NORD-T about their Nordic superpower tea business and wanted to know more about the secret of their natural tea blends.

Interview with Nina Rantala from NORD-T – The natural tea revolution from Finland

Nina Rantala
(FOTO: John Lawson) For Nina Rantala from NORD-T, who is grown up with Finnish nature, it is important that tea contains only natural ingredients.
Moi Nina, thanks for getting the chance to test some of your natural teas from the North. You have several different teas in range: black, white or green tea, as well as infusions. Bear Hug, Cabin Fever, Polar Night Cap, Afloat with Folkboat, MOOSE ON THE LOOSE or Barefoot Biking, to mention only some of your creative tea compositions, sounds all very natural and Nordic. What is the concept behind NORD-T and why did you decide to found your own Finnish tea factory?

It all happened during a breakfast our common friend invited us to. Mirka was served with a poor cup of tea and she started a real ramble that lasted for one and a half hour about: “Why restaurants don’t know how to brew simple cup of tea, even though they have espresso machines costing 10 000 Euros and know how to make cappuccinos, espressos, lattes…” We were all three girls in same situation – wanting to do something else with our lives than what we were currently doing. I got excited about Mirka’s passion for tea and decided to give a call a few days later saying that we should meet.

When we started to look into teas around the world, we were shocked to find vast amount of tea brands flavour their tea blends with flavourings and not with the actual berries. So, when we took a tea that said “strawberry tea”, we noticed that it actually did not contain any real strawberries just an industrial flavouring mimicking strawberry taste. and that’s what we really wanted to change. We started to make teas that only contain real berries and herbs and no added aromas.

Sounds inspiring. But the main components of all your tees apart from the infusions comes from tee countries like China, India, Japan, Nepal or South Africa. How do you select the raw material for your tea creations from abroad and how do you assure that the tea is fair trade and without unhealthy components?

Yes, our main ingredient is always tea and it comes from the countries tea grows in as Finnish weather is not that suitable for a delicate tea plant. We have tasted hundreds and hundreds of teas to find the varieties we have now in selection. We had certain criteria’s we wanted them to meet, not just the taste itself but that all teas come from organic certified cultivations and many of them do a lot of social community work to improve the living quality in their villages.

That sounds good. And what taste experience could my blog readers expect when drinking your natural teas?

We always say “it is like having a taste of Nordic forest in your tea cup”. The taste is delicate and pure, and very Nordic in a very simplistic and straightforward sense. If you’re used to drink flavoured teas, then our versions of tea blends will taste light and mild in comparison to almost perfume like intense flavours in other teas. But if you want to know what the nature really tastes like, then you should try our blends.

My favourite tea is MOOSE ON THE LOOSE. How do you get the ideas for all the different kinds of teas and the product names? What is the meaning behind MOOSE ON THE LOOSE and which feeling should this tea blend should create?

We get inspired by so many things – the idea for a new blend can come literally from anywhere. The a-haa moment can come during a mushroom hunt in the forest, while listening to old Finnish dance music, seeing a furniture in a second-hand store, while sweating in sauna, or just about anything. NORD-T co-founder Mirka is the main brain behind the creation of our blends. She just has that creative touch in combining ingredients.

Naming is always an interesting process which involves a lot of time, people, tea drinking and “googling” stuff. The name “MOOSE ON THE LOOSE” does actually come from the fact, that in Sweden a lot of traffic warning signs with moose on it, gets stolen every year. So we thought that if there are “a lot of stolen moose signs” – there are many “moose on the loose”. It was a funny fact and we thought, it made a good product name.

Janne-Oskari mit MOOSE ON THE LOOSE
(FOTO: Finntastic) Also pikku hirvi Janne-Oskari is a big fan of the NORD-T blend “MOOSE ON THE LOOSE”.
Funny story! I really wonder, what people want to do with these “Moose-Signs” (laughs)….But now back to your products. Everything started in Helsinki. What was the reason for moving with the production from Helsinki to Parkano in Western Finland?

Our headquarter is still in Helsinki. We moved our production to Parkano, because it is situated closer to our Finnish raw materials, more in the middle of Finland. We use berries, herbs and leaves that comes to us from forests and small farms around Finnish countryside so it is good to be located near them. Also, being closer to Lapland, which is the world’s largest area certified for wild food collecting is a good thing. We get a lot of berries and herbs from there.

Why do you think Lapland and the forests of western Finland are the best place to be inspired for new tea creations? Which tea creations in your tea range is really typical “Finnish”? And why do you have such a strong connection to the Finnish nature? Can we say, that this feeling close to nature is a typical Finnish trait?

I think this really strong connection to nature is very typical Finnish. It belongs to our culture to spend time outside; relaxing at the summer cottage, going into the sauna or picking berries and mushrooms during the autumn season. This probably due to the fact that Finland’s land is about 70 percent covered with trees, making it the most forested country in Europe. If you add to that the total of 187,888 lakes we have here, there is a lot of nature around and very little cities. We have had to bond with our wild surroundings.

So, we think a lot about how to bring our Finnish heritage into our teas, like the experience of summer and sauna is translated to “Afloat with Folkboat” blend. It has all the things connected to summer sweetness and sauna; strawberries, nettle, birch tree leaves and liquorice root.

And what about this natural ingredients from Finland. Do you have people helping you collecting all the things you need for your tea blends? And is it possible to visit your company in Parkano to get to know more about your tea production?

At the beginning, we collected all the ingredients for our teas by ourselves. But when the company was growing we needed more people to help us harvest all the birch leaves, berries, flowers and herbs. Nowadays we have a really good network of people like farmers, berry pickers and forest owners, who support our company by delivering all the ingredients for our tea blends. But still, if we want to test new ingredients, we collect them ourselves and try them out.

Naturally it is possible to visit the tea production in Parkano. But it makes more sense to visit the forest with us, for example during the berry picking season in autumn, than having a look at a typical food production plant and seeing blends being blended. And if you like to know more about our company, you could visit us at our headquarter in Helsinki.

Mirka Olin
(FOTO: John Lawson) Mirka Olin from NORD-T is also really tea-addicted.
„Helsinki“ is also one of your tea blends. I like it very much and I saw it also in a shop in the Helsinki district Punavuori during my last summer holidays in Finland. Are there other shops in Helsinki, Finland or abroad where we can buy your products? Or does your website is the only place to order the teas?

Yeah, Helsinki is also a really lovely tea composition consisting of green tea, with floral notes and delicate sweetness. We chose the pure green tea to represent Helsinki, because it tastes good cold brewed too. Just like Helsinki, which is a great place to visit during cold winter season. But you can get our tea blends not only in this shop in Punavuori. There are several other stores or little shops spread all over Finland and also abroad, selling our products now. You will find a list of the shops on our webpage. But if you are not able to attend one of the shop locations, you can order the tea also simply from our web-store.

Normally Finnish people drink a “sauna beer” or another refreshing long drink like Lonkero after the sauna. But what do you think about inventing a special „Sauna Tea“? Which ingredients comes to your mind by thinking about that funny idea?

Yes, Afloat With Folkboat is exactly that. A sauna-inspired tea that you can enjoy both hot or cold. And as it is an infusion, so no actual tea in it, it is caffeine-free and you can drink it in evenings without fear of loosing a good night sleep.

What do you think about including a special tea composition with sal ammoniac or liquorice to your range of goods? I heard that Finns really like that kind of flavour.

As you can see with Afloat with Folkboat, we have already a tea composition with liquorice root added. What we really would love to do is to start using a Finnish wild herb instead of liquorice root- as liquorice does not grow naturally in our Nordic climate. The Finnish version of it is called the common polypody and its roots tastes almost the same as liquorice. But because it’s a wild herb, it is hard to harvest in bigger batches to make actual tea blends. Maybe someday we have our little polypody garden where we can get all we need of this pretty little plant.

And what about creating a tea with cloudberries? I heard that the cloudberry is Finland’s national fruit, that’s why we find it also on the Finnish two Euro coin.

Incorporating cloudberries to our blends is definitely on our list. Mother nature produces so many amazing raw materials, that the taste combinations are really limitless.

And how does the people accepted your tea company yet? Could you already see some change in tea culture in Finland? What are your plans fort the new year 2018?

In just a bit over year after entering retail markets, we are happy to say, that we have found a lot of Nordic tea fans not only in Finland, but also abroad. People are more aware of unnecessary additives and flavourings in their food in general – which makes our products even more interesting for them. This year we will expanding even more, like starting sales in Japan, which is huge for us. Japanese people appreciate good tea and they have only said good things about our blends, so we are excited to get things started in there.

Congratulations! Nice to hear, that your tea is accepted so good in Finland and abroad for example in Japan! It was a really nice interview. Do you have some travel advice for my blog readers? What is a “must have” to see, when coming to Helsinki for holidays? And which is the best part in the year for that?
Nuuksio Nationalpark
(FOTO: Finntastic) The landscape of Nuuksio National Parc is beautiful and perfect for hiking trips.

There are several good places to go to in Finland. “Nuuksio”, a national park, situated in Espoo, not far away from Helsinki is a really good place to start with, if you are just coming for a short visit to the Helsinki region. There you can find good hiking trails, lakes to swim in, good spots to pick berries and mushrooms from and of course stop at the grill sheds to make food on open fire.

There are so many nature spots to visit within an hour drive from Helsinki. Not to mention the beautiful islands outside capital region. You can just hop on a taxi boat and visit the archipelago. Suomenlinna has a historic value, but I wouldn’t stop there, because there are a lot more far off islands with beautiful nature, that are more worth travelling to for enjoying the view of the Baltic Sea. If you have a full day to use, I would recommend to take the Espoo Archipelago boat to Gåsgrundet, it is magical.

Another great really typical Finnish thing is to go to sauna and swimming. I do swim all year around in the sea, and I just love to go to this public beach of Munkkiniemi, situated a bit away of the city centre. No sauna, no services – just swimming. But if you prefer doing it a bit softer approach to try out, then check out Löyly – you get to go for a swim straight from a beautiful architectural sauna. Or opt for a more urban experience in Kallio at Kotiharjun Sauna.

Kiitos paljon haastattelusta ja matkavinkeistä! (Thanks for the interview and the travel informations) And all the best for the year 2018 and  your “Nordic tea blends”! 🙂

We are also happy to talk with you! We wish you also success for the future with your Finland blog and hope you will visit us in Helsinki on your next trip to Finland!


Mannerheiminaukio 1 A
00100 Helsinki

Gewinnspiel: Nordic Superpower Tea Blend lottery

Teatime mit Janne-Oskari und Mika-Waltari
(FOTO: Finntastic) Janne-Oskari und Mika-Waltari stimmen sich mit einer aromatischen Tasse “MOOSE ON THE LOOSE” auf das nächste Finnlandabenteuer ein.

Weil uns besonders der “MOOSE ON THE LOOSE”-Tee so gut gefallen hat, verlosen wir zusammen mit NORD-T unter allen Teilnehmern 1 x 1 Teesorte “MOOSE ON THE LOOSE”. Der Gewinner erhält außerdem noch eine kleine Überraschung dazu! Mitmachen lohnt sich also!

So könnt ihr gewinnen:
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Viel Glück beim Gewinnspiel wünschen euch Inken, Janne-Oskari, Mika-Waltari und NORD-T!

Auslosung Nordic Superpower Tea Blend Lottery

Janne-Oskari hat die Gewinnerin der Nordic Superpower Tea Blend Lottery gezogen! Herzlichen Glückwunsch Maria Bärwinkel, Du hast den “MOOSE ON THE THE LOOSE”-Tee von NORD-T gewonnen! 

Viel Spaß beim Teetrinken liebe Maria und natürlich viel Freude mit der zusätzlichen, kleinen Überraschung! Und allen anderen Teilnehmern vielen Dank fürs Mitmachen. Schaut unbedingt wieder vorbei, es gibt sicher bald wieder etwas Schönes  zu gewinnen.

Finntastische Grüße

Inken von Finntastic

Gewinn Maria Bärwinkel
(FOTO: Maria Bärwinkel) Schaut mal, was Maria für einen tollen Gruß von NORD-T zu ihrem Gewinnpäckchen bekommen hat. 🙂 Sie hat mir geschrieben, dass sie sich sehr darüber gefreut hat und natürlich sofort den Tee ausprobieren musste. 🙂

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13 Kommentare zu “NORD-T – Natural teas from the heart of Finland

  1. Carina sagte:

    Der (wie ich finde mega coole Name) entstand in Anlehnung an die vielen geklauten Elchwarnschilder 🙂
    In freier Natur habe ich leider noch keinen Elch gesehen – nur im wunderschönen Zoo von Helsinki.

    LG, Carina

  2. Barbara sagte:

    weil so viele Elchwarnschilder gestohlen werden, habe ich gerade gelernt 🙂 und ja ich habe schon mal einen Elch gesehen und war erstaunt wie groß sie sind!

  3. Maria Bärwinkel sagte:

    Der Name begründet sich darin, das in Schweden sehr häufig die Elch Warnschilder gestohlen werden. ^^
    Bei meinem 2. Finnland Urlaub haben wir tatsächlich einen Elch in freier Wildbahn gesehen. =D Gerade so noch am letzten Tag auf dem Weg zum Flughafen. Ich war total begeistert, auch wenns nur kurz im vorbeifahren war. Ich finde sie faszinierend und ihre Größe ist natürlich auch beeindruckend. ^^

  4. Manuela sagte:

    Der Tee bekam den Namen “Moose On The Loose”, weil die berühmten Elch-Warnschilder so oft gestohlen wurden.
    Leider habe ich noch nie einen Elch in freier Wildbahn gesehen. An den Tieren gefällt mir besonders ihre große Schnauze und wie leichtfüßig sie trotz ihrer Größe und ihres Gewichts traben.

  5. Nathalie sagte:

    Kurze Ergänzung zum vorangegangen post 🙂 ich sehe hier in finnland gelegentlich grade in der abenddämmerung mal elche an der strasse…da ich vorher nie einen von nahem gesehen hatte- fand ich sie unfassbar gross wobei sie dennoch viel ruhe ausstrahlen.natürlich sind elche auch wahnsinnig majestätisch 🙂 zurecht der könig des Waldes!

  6. Nathalie sagte:

    Der name der teesorte “ moose on the loose“ ist angelehnt daran dass die bekannten elch-warnschilder an dem strassen sehr häufig gestohlen werden.:) moose- dt. Elch und “ on the loose“ – dt.etwa verloren gegangen.
    Was ich persönlich einen herrlichen Namen finde 😀

  7. Susanne sagte:

    Der Name spielt auf die Tatsache an, dass in Schweden immer wieder so viele Elch-Warnschilder gestohlen werden… Auch nach 4 Jahren, die ich in Finnland gelebt habe, habe ich noch nie einen Elch live gesehen…
    LG Suski ?

  8. diealex sagte:

    Der Name spielt auf die vielen verlorengegangenen Elche (bzw. Elch-Warnschilder) an. Leider habe ich Elche bisher immer nur auf Verkehrsschildern und in Zoos und Tierparks, aber nie in freier Wildbahn gesehen.
    Viele Grüße, die Alex

  9. Carmen sagte:

    der Name Moose on the Loose wurde gewählt, weil die Schweden populären Elchewarnschilder häufig gestohlen werden. Leider habe ich noch nie einen Elch in freier Natur gesehen.

    Grüße Carmen

  10. Petra sagte:

    der Name Moose On The Loose erinnert an die vielen gestohlenen Verkehrsschilder mit Elchwarnungen. Ich habe noch nie einen Elch in freier Natur gesehen

    LG Petra

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