Voutsa – A Powerful voice and stomach punching beats from Finland

Mikko „Voutsa“ Voutilainen and Atte Pohjonen know each other from school. They started to make music together when they were teenagers. 2016 they came up with the idea to create powerful metal covers of famous pop and rock songs. Their first one was a Stig cover of the song „Niks ja Naks“ . One of the coolest metal covers so far is a Billie Eilish cover of the song „Bad Guy“ in an amazing Rammstein version. Now the two guys from Finland have published their own first double single. In an inspiring interview the two metal heads tell us more, about their two own songs „Syöksykierre“ and „Saatto“, about their band history and what they love about powerful metal beats and screaming vocal techniques. Weiterlesen