Johanna Juhola – Colourful accordion melodies from Finland

If someone thinks, tango music is more old-fashioned, he will quickly change his mind, if he will hear Johana Juhola live on stage. The amazing Finnish accordionist knows exactly how to create amazing sounds and melodies with her accordion, alone and together with other talented musicians by mixing different music styles like tango, Folk, pop music and electronic beats. In February 2017, she released her sixth album „Diivan Jäljet – Shadow of a Diva“. With these colourful songs Johanna is now in march an april on tour in Germany. In Summer she will come to Austria too. I spoke to her to get to know more about her music, her inspiration for the new album and about her other music projects. Weiterlesen  

Johanna Juhola – Shadow of a Diva Tour Deutschland 2019

(FOTO: Johanna Juhola) Es ist soweit: Akkordeonvirtuosin Johanna Juhola kommt mit ihrer Band Johanna Juhola Reaktori erneut auf Deutschlandtour!

Wer denkt, Tangomusik aus Finnland muss nur melancholisch und oldschool sein, der liegt daneben! Akkordeon-Virtuosin Johanna Juhola ist der beste Beweis!

Ihre Musik: Eine Mischung aus fetzigen argentinischen Rhythmen, melancholischen Finntango-Klängen, …